70 Years and Counting

As a legacy carrier—a trucking company that has passed down, practiced and perfected its craft for 70 years—Otto Transfer offers its customers the wisdom and knowledge required to move freight of any size safely and efficiently, anytime.

Otto Transfer’s success is the sum of all its parts. A large number of Otto Transfer’s 20-plus drivers have worked with us for more than five years, while others have track records between 15 to 25 years. On average, drivers who operate our loaders have five-plus years of experience. Otto Transfer drivers are known among our customers as professional, clear communicators, and committed to doing excellent work.

Our staff combines decades of experience in trucking, business development and management, and marketing supports our drivers. Many of us are Ottos, and because of that, we are trained in the Otto Transfer way of trucking. Safety trumps all. Customers get the smartest, most efficient routes when Otto is at the wheel – because we’ve driven most interstates and country roads in America. And, once your load is with us, we treat is like it’s ours.

That’s the kind of experience that defines the Otto difference.